the afraid (apprehensive) mother

hanoi, around the lake Hoan Kiem where people relax, enjoy some shadow
I met them, I actually admit that i looked for a seat to be in front of them
He looked like the son, the one who went abroad in search for luck
she looked like the mother who stayed in the old place
where he was born and raised
They didn t talk a lot, just few words. He tried to take some pictures from time to time but that wasn t what he really wanted, and not even what her mother was expecting, I think you can tell this by her eyes..

I haven t been able to understand their real story, not even a glimpse, it was really locked…

the strange thing is that two days after on my flight to doha, i found this man again, I am serious. It was him, so this story might be close to what i imagined.

hanoi, 2007.