Luck pt 2

when I found myself on the road talking with her I did realize that maybe it was not totally safe
I usually do not trust people that easily.maybe i was feeling guilty
cause i did not give the proper attention to my words, yes, maybe that’s the reason of the faith in her
well, or maybe i *simply* trusted her, and i wanted to trust my feeling, yes, that’s more realistic.
She talked about her sons, her daughter and her son. She first had a daughter, and she was sad for that
She wanted a boy, because everyone around her told her that it was good, the male son of hers that would have taken care of her when she would have become older
That’s what i have been told that happens in vietnam, when the daughter get married, she leaves the family, when the son get married he stays in his family with his wife.
Her daughter goes to the university, she’s very good in math, Then it came to my mind the fact that she did not use any calculator to make the bill, just a pencil and a piece of paper. So the daughter was good as the mother
but in the end she said that she was a good daughter, although she was happy to have a boy too.
She told me this while we were leaving the restaurant, and reaching a building, two floor as far as i remember, but she lived in the ground floor.
This is my house she said, turning on a light
her house was a room, big like 5×4 more, not more, a not tall table on the left probably where they eat and sleep, a tv, a dvd player, a table for a student on the right, then a door on the right, to the bathroom probably.
She took an album of photos, like 40 shots nothing more, and gave it to me, saying something about the fact that i had a camera with me.
I felt so intrusive, with her family album, photos of her with her kids, when they were born, she in her beauty, across the time, till some months ago with her daughter.
But no photo of the father at all

Vietnam, somewhere, 2007.