luck pt 1

Luck is the name of a strong woman i met in vietnam
her eyes are kind, they follow her smile, which is something that happens often
She works in a restaraunt, close to a river, she’s a waitress.
She speaks good english and encourages the clients to come into her restaurant
her eyes are kind and they promise a nice meal.
She likes to talk, to be sure that you enjoy the place and you will come back.
Pretty hard to forget her.
I stole some moments while she was bringing food and I noticed that her eyes were special.
I was really naive when I told her that her eyes were not so much vietnamese
All I want to say was that her eyes were special, very nice, but i said that in a bad way.
She said, where do you think I come from?
I told her, france, spain probably, yes spain.
She turned serious and said, I am vietnamese, one hundred percent.
I smiled at her, and I said, for sure you are I believe your words.

After a while. she said that I was not the only one who said that
even on her first day of school, her friends told her that she was in the wrong school
they told her to go to the school for foreigners, cause she did not look that vietnamese
She went back home, in tears, to her mother’s arm, which brought her to school and
make sure that none could ever told her that again.

considering the age of this woman, she might have asked herself the same question.

I realized that I did not think enough before speaking.
I felt sorry for that, and probably she felt it, so
she invited to go to her house, next to restaurant.

Vietnam, somewhere, 2007