luck part three

After she showed me her family book, she asked me how old I was, if I were married, if I had children and so on.of course she was surprised that i was *that* old, and she said i had a nice skin, at that time i really had the feeling that she was cheating me, then she did something pretty unusual, she caressed my feet, we were both sitting on our knees, so my feet were the first thing close to her.. she said i had nice feet..
then she said she wanted to see me again and take care of my kids while i am working there, in vietnam.

Later, her daughter and son appear, she was 18 but she looked like 14 to me. Her mother said that was goin to the university, she said she liked mathematic, and she made a funny face as if it was something not understandable for her but then i remember that she did the bill with a pen and a piece of paper, not a calculator, so she was jokin
I think she was proud of her daughter

then, probably to prove that she loved all their sons, she showed me a necklace with the chinese zodiacal sign that his son made it at school, I am pig, I told her, she laughed hard, and i laughed with her. she gave it to me.

it was getting late, I had to leave early the day after and she had to go back to work, she said goodbye, I want to see you next year.

me too. I told her

Vietnam, 2007.